Advanced Service Advisor Course

The Advanced Service Advisor Sales training class is a program that was born out of necessity and sharpened over time through practicing it within the business and measuring its results along the way. These are not the same old techniques you hear in other programs, but unique, proven methods focused on transforming service advisors into professional sales people.

This class has been successful in helping the experienced, seasoned advisor go to levels never thought possible, as well as helping inexperienced, outside the industry, assistants and customer service representatives transform into top performing advisors. In the class, advisors will be exposed to advanced sales techniques designed to create a lasting relationship with customers and remind students that our job is about the customer, not the car. They will learn to “defuse”, rather than “overcome”, objections and how to get a customer to reexamine their own logic on how they view automotive maintenance and repair decisions.

This class has successfully taught advisors not only the skills, but more importantly, the mentality shop owners want them to have. It will help remove the “taboo” and negative stigma around being considered a “salesperson.” A common thread in the class is learning how to proactively sell without ever making the customer feel pressure. Students will also learn to be “bold and unafraid” when it comes to recommending work, and fearless in the face of rejection.


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Repair Shop Revolution

Are you tired of being an employee instead of working as an owner? You’re not alone. Come join us for just 6 hours a month with us can equal years of free time to come. We teach the best sales and marketing techniques that are proven to increase car count and drive revenue.

You’ll learn how to attract, hire, train and keep the best talent. Stay ahead of the competition. We’ve coached hundreds of shops through maximizing their sales. Learn how to structure your business processes to REALLY elevate your shop’s efficiency.

This group is led by Nick Peyton. Peyton has been in the automotive industry since he was 16. He has learned to see things that most owners ignore or don’t see. After which, he can use his experience to offer industry-tested solutions.

In this class, we’ll overcome the most common challenges that hold back single shops from becoming multi-store chains.

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Inbound Call Quality Assurance Program (Finally!)

The Transformers Institute's Inbound Call Quality Assurance Program is designed to measure what was previously unmeasurable. It provides detailed and actionable information on what previously relied on gut feelings only, and it provides a fast reaction tool, enabling owners and managers to proactively correct issues before they become critical. 

The Inbound Call QA Program will allow participating shops to stand above the rest in the industry by knowing they are providing their customers with a memorable, positive, and next level professional phone experience. Shops that participate in this program will actually know their call-to-appointment conversion rate, know why appointments were set and for what reasons they were lost. They will now have a powerful tool to increase sales, car count, and public opinion of their business, rather than just throwing more money into marketing that they only hope will work.

This QA Program draws from the best practices taught in the 'Winning on the Phone' module of our service advisor sales program. It has customizable content and standards for your individual business, as well as measuring systems and practices used by top corporations around the world. Independent automotive shops can now have an inbound call QA program on par with some of the biggest and best corporations.

No more hoping that whoever answers the phone has good judgement, high emotional intelligence, and can wow your customers. No more just hoping your conversion rate is what you need it to be. Now you will not only know factually, but also have a powerful tool to train and teach the specific techniques to improve the whole shop.



Emotional Intelligence - The Pathway to Great Leadership - August 15th - 16th, 2022 Colorado Springs, Colorado

What is reality? Is your perception accurate? Learn how the past, our unique experiences, and those that influenced us have contributed to our mindset. Understand and appreciate the coping skills we use to survive what’s going on around us. Examine the limitations we’ve artificially put on ourselves and learn ways to break free from those limitations. Explore what holds you back and how to move on.

Gather the tools that will help you break loose and move into an expanded future. You’re exactly where you are because you choose to be there. Otherwise you’d be someplace else. If you’d like to change some aspect of your life and are willing to be open-minded, lean into tough topics, be transparent and real, force yourself out of your comfort zone, then you can make those lifelong changes today.

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How To Hire And Retain Service Advisors

This Flash Course is one hardcore, serious hour. We'll ask you some hard questions that you need to face in order to make your business grow faster than ever. You'll have Greg Bunch and Jason Servidio teach and train you the right questions to ask yourself and your service advisors, so you can drive your shop to the top 10%.

At only $27, with a Money Back Guarantee, AND a free High Performance Planner, this class is an amazing deal! Just give us an hour, and we'll give you gold.


Online Advanced Service Advisor Sales Training Course.

Ready for one of the hardest hitting courses we offer, now available online? Due to the huge demand for our 4 day live class, we have built this online version for you!

This class has successfully taught advisors not only the skills, but more importantly, the mentality shop owners want them to have. It will help remove the “taboo” and negative stigma around being considered a “salesperson.” A common thread in the class is learning how to proactively sell without ever making the customer feel pressure. Students will also learn to be “bold and unafraid” when it comes to recommending work, and fearless in the face of rejection.

Take the course on your own time, and practice the material to mastery. See you in there!


Going Multi-Store

Let's talk about explosive growth. The majority of auto repair shops are single-store operations. Why is that?

Most owners start out as techs, take a management role, and decide to strike out on their own. But then they are faced with difficult questions about what comes next, and they stop there.

This course will teach you everything you could possibly need to know about how to buy a new location, and grow your business. 

Do you want to triple your revenue? Be the brand name in your town? We will teach you step by step how to go from single-store, to a serious multi-store business.

Sign up now, and go Multi-Store!


The Most Important 7-Inches

For a shop owner who wants to grow, the biggest hurdle they will face will likely be the transition from being a car guy or gal in business to a business person in the auto industry. We begin by helping you explore the most important person in your business; YOU!  If you do not know who you are, what you want, and where you want to go, it’s impossible to build the business of your dreams. Let’s begin this journey together and build the business and the life you have always dreamed of.


Build Your Business, Unleash Your Dreams

Most of us started out with dreams of owning our own shop, being our own boss, and living the good life. Unfortunately, 95% of shop owners are overly stressed and lack the financial rewards or freedoms that should come with business ownership. We start the 12-month program by focusing on the mission, vision, and culture of your business. We then move through sales, marketing, and operations. Finally, we complete the year long program with finance/accounting, human resources, and IT/technology. This program is specifically designed to help show owners, at any stage, build a strong business foundation that will become the catalyst for creating the business of their dreams.



"Dan's Emotional Intelligence class is huge game changer! It opens your eyes to look deeper into a person’s actions and what really motives them. It is beneficial for any position in your company. As a leader, this class will elevate your knowledge on methods to help your team succeed in ways you thought weren’t possible. Take the time to help yourself and your team by investing in this outstanding class!"

Dwayne Meyers
Dynamic Automotive

"Your course on Emotional Intelligence was great. It gets leaders thinking of where your drive is and how to find out what help drives your team members and what has maybe caused them to lose their passion in the past. We all were challenged to stop and conduct some soul searching and were able to help and push our team members for their personal goals and organizations goals. We know this industry is a fast-paced and can be high emotion had we service our customers. But, spending the time to dig deeper than the surface issues we face we have been able to boost our team’s morale and production. Dan and his team have mastered some technics when it comes to showing your team leaders or upper management the best ways to process, and develop ways to help your business and genuinely keep momentum high."

Philip Christensen
BG Auto

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