Transformers works with the top organizations that will develop forward-thinking proprietors to be more effective with people and their organizations. As a result, they revolutionize the industries they represent and leave a legacy of continuous improvement.


Transformers impacted organizational cultures in ways that enhanced the well-being of its employees, shareholders, and customers. Transformers Institute uses proven strategies to transform your business. With specialties in business, psychology, culture, and leadership coupled with tactical best practice methodologies to help our clients become industry leaders.


Collaboration. Excellence. Focused Energy. Relationships. People First.

Greg Bunch is the founder of Transformers Institute and has assembled a team of professionals dedicated to transforming the automotive service and repair industry through the most dynamic and progressive programs together under one roof. 

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Transformers Institute President and Coach


Greg has worked as a Master Technician, Service Advisor and Manager throughout his automotive career and currently owns Aspen Auto Clinic, an award-winning 6-location automotive service business in Colorado. Greg is also an industry expert and is a sought after speaker and trainer. He owns and runs the Transformers Institute, a training, coaching, and marketing company dedicated to transforming the auto repair industry. In addition, Greg also is a columnist for Ratchet and Wrench magazine. 

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Transformers Institute Vice President


Fernando is an incredibly accomplished executive with over 23 years in the automotive industry. He has done it all, from parts and services all the way to complete executive operations. He is a resourceful entrepreneur who builds and leads top-performing teams on multi-million business projects. His ability to communicate, problem solve, innovate, and teach are second to none. He has held executive VP roles for fortune 500 companies, and now brings his entire suite of skills to the Transformers Institute team. If you are looking to advance your career, redefine the industry, or strike out as an entrepreneur - you can count on Fernando to bring your skills and thinking to the next level.


Transformers Institute Director of Strategic Growth


Doris Barnes, the dynamic Director of Strategic Growth at Transformers Institute, brings over 20 years of automotive industry experience to her role. Beginning with a noteworthy tenure at Mercedes-Benz, where she earned recognition as an AMG Expert, Doris transitioned to a pivotal role in business development and client relations at Elite Worldwide. In her current leadership position at Transformers Institute, she leverages her strategic acumen to identify growth opportunities and pioneer innovative sales strategies. Doris is deeply committed to cultivating strong client relationships and navigating the company through the evolving market landscape with foresight and innovation. Beyond her professional commitments, Doris is a devoted mother who finds joy in outdoor activities and cherishing quality time with her two children, emphasizing travel, family, and friends as integral elements of her personal life.

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Jen Monclus-Davis 

Transformers Institute Sales and Training Specialist


Jen Monclus-Davis, leverages over 8 years of experience in the automotive industry. She began her career with a notable tenure at Elite Worldwide, where she garnered recognition as Ratchet Wrench’s All Star Service Advisor Trainer. With polished presentation skills and a collaborative spirit, Jen brings over 17 years of progressive sales experience to her role. She excels in managing multiple platforms, delivering top-notch training, and devising effective sales and prospecting strategies. Passionate about making a positive impact and helping others succeed, Jen's enthusiasm extends beyond the workplace. When not at the office, you'll find her in her backyard oasis, chasing a toddler, and indulging her green thumb as she channels her inner Martha Stewart in the garden. Jen finds joy outdoors with her family, soaking up San Diego's sunshine through various outdoor activities.  

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Creative Director and Vice President of Marketing


Patrick¬†has¬†a rich history of brand strategy and marketing with more than¬†30 years of experience spearheading transformative strategies designed to elevate the market presence of a diverse range of organizations‚ÄĒfrom agile startups to Fortune 100 corporations. With over a decade focused specifically on the automotive industry Patrick has a deep understanding of the nuances of automotive brand positioning, allowing him to tailor innovative solutions that resonate with target audiences and drive sustainable growth.

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Bryan has been lucky enough to call Fort Collins, Colorado his home since the fifth grade when his family relocated here from Wisconsin. Faith, family and racing pretty much sums up Bryan's life. He credits his strong faith as the reason that he is a devoted husband to his lovely wife of 15 years and father to two beautiful children. And even as a kid Bryan always knew that he wanted to be involved with cars, race cars, and more specifically, sprint race cars.

Philosophy on Life: "Heck ya!" If you are around Bryan, or the shop, enough you will hear that phrase again and again and you quickly learn that he believes that any obstacle can be overcome with enough dedication, hard work, faith and a "Heck ya!" attitude.

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Brian Sump is not your typical shop owner. A former professional athlete, Sump had never turned a wrench in a shop before starting Denver-based Avalon Motorsports in 2007. Brian is now a multi-location shop owner and founding board member of Transformers Institute.




Frank Scandura has over 40 years of automotive experience and over 25 years of experience as a service center entrepreneur. He is most known for his expertise in European vehicles and is the author of the book, How To Take Care Of Your Vehicle So It Will Take Care Of You.

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Greg is an incredible coach, with incredible diversity in his business experience. From Bridgewater Motorworks to an environmental consulting firm, he's done it all. Greg can show you and your team how to make a meaningful, sustainable difference in your community.

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Al Pridemore


Al Pridemore's distinguished career spans over four decades, encompassing military service in the US Marine Corps, a 13-year tenure in Big Oil's management, and the completion of a bachelor's degree in business at the University of Phoenix. With over 25 years in the automotive service industry, he progressed from being a 'gas pump jockey'/tire technician to roles such as shop management, regional trainer, and Director of Training and Development. Collaborating with his brothers, Al became a minority owner in a national chain of tire and auto service centers affiliated with Texaco. In 2005, they ventured independently, founding Pride Auto Care and establishing a profitable, six-store, family-owned chain in the Denver metro area over 17 years. Although they sold the operations in early 2023, they retained ownership of four properties, assuming the role of landlords. In 2022, their six shops achieved just under $12 million in total revenues, featuring 49 bays and 51 employees with a five-day workweek and 10-hour workdays. Their well-run operations excelled in top-quartile profitability, low employee turnover, and an outstanding service reputation in the communities they served. Al attributes their success to a people-centered culture, fostering exceptional discretionary effort from content and well-trained employees, as well as a loyal customer base. The business model prioritized building quality leadership and developing personnel at all levels, empowering them with oversight for their shops, profit and loss statements, and, crucially, the well-being of their teams. 

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Lacey discovered her niche for phone Quality Assurance programs when she was an inbound customer service representative and volunteered to help a manager audit for inconsistencies in agent metric reports. Since then, Lacey has found her passion in helping companies stand out with extraordinary skills on the phone by helping build their quality assurance programs. Lacey has over 6 years of experience creating and managing QA programs for top companies such as Instacart, Home Advisor, Booking.com, and McKesson, which is a pharmaceutical and health information technology company. 


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