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What makes Transformers Different?

Transformers Institute is not about being the biggest but being the best. We talk about and teach the best business principles without succumbing to a "one size fit's all" model. Transformers' level of team members is second to none in the automotive consulting, coaching, teaching, and training world.

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Over the years, Transformers Institute has meticulously studied and developed memberships to coincide with the training classes. There three levels of masterminds each designed to fit your specific needs.   

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With the vast knowledge at their disposal, Transformers Institute has developed many online training courses from handling your own shop, to winning sales over the phone. These expansive and hyperdetailed classes will be exactly what your business, employees, or the community needs from you as a person and a shop owner. 


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Transformers Institute offers a blending of consulting and coaching into our programs. We find that every business we work with has strengths, weaknesses, AND opportunities. We take a holistic approach to helping our clients build the business of their dreams.


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What Can Transformers Institute Do For You?

Industry-Leading Team Training, Exclusive Coaching, Business Expansion, and More.


What We Do

Transformers Institute facilitates mastermind groups and can also provide live training, video training, consulting/coaching programs, M&A assistance, financing solutions, and marketing services. Greg and his team also speak and train at industry events across the country.


Why We Do It

From the first day, Greg started his professional automotive career in 1991. He knew that the industry could be so much better. From how customers were treated, to the quality of the repairs performed. He had a vision for creating a better automotive world. Greg noticed a huge difference between how employees were treated in the automotive industry and what he experienced in his previous career as a recruiter. Greg knew that one day he would have his own automotive repair show, and he would do things differently.


How We Do It

Transformers Institute takes a holistic approach to helping shop owners and their staff transform the automotive industry. Each company we work with can be on a difference part of their journey and we can customize a plan that fits their goals and desires. The Transformers Institute team dedicated themselves to helping shop owners across the country build the business of their dreams.

We have been working with the Transformers team for only 6 months and the growth that we have had in this short time is nothing short of amazing! Working with a coach one-on-one and being part of a peer group has been instrumental in our current success. We have grown not only as a business but, more importantly, as leaders in our business. They have helped us identify key people in our organization that can take us to the next level. Now, these key people are getting the best training (not just us, as the owners) to nurture and develop leadership qualities and giving them tools to personally succeed which will in turn help the business succeed....I can't imagine what it will look like after another 6 months! To the entire Transformers team, and my fellow shop owners....THANK YOU! Stay tuned!


Kim Auernheimer

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Greg Bunch is an automotive industry entrepreneur and a successful multi-location shop owner. He is also an industry-leading speaker, trainer, and consultant who founded Transformers Institute.


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