The Transformers Institute brings proven strategies to transform your business. With specialties in business psychology, culture, and leadership coupled with tactical best practice methodologies to make your company an industry leader.


Greg Bunch is an automotive industry entrepreneur and a successful multi-location shop owner. He is also an industry-leading speaker, trainer, and consultant who founded the Transformers Institute.



The Transformers Institute facilitates mastermind groups and can also provide live training, video training, consulting and coaching programs, M&A assistance, financing solutions, and marketing services. Greg and his team also speak and train at industry events across the country.


From the first day Greg started his professional automotive career in 1991, he knew that the industry could be so much better.  From how customers were treated to the quality of the repairs performed, he had a vision for creating a better automotive world. Greg noticed a huge difference between how employees were treated in automotive and what he experienced in his previous career as a recruiter. Greg knew that one day he would have his own automotive repair shop, and he would purpose to do things differently.


Greg fulfilled his dream, and in 2001 started his own business. He has grown the business into a strong, multi-location, regional player on the front range of Colorado.  Greg’s desire to help other shop owners who also want to see the industry transform for the better led him to start the Transformers Institute, a company dedicated to training and supporting shop owners across the country who are dedicated to being the best in their market.


The Transformers Institute takes a holistic approach to helping shop owners and their staff transform the automotive industry. Each company we work with can be on a different part of their journey and we can customize a plan that fits their goals and desires.  The Transformers Institute team dedicates themselves to helping shop owners across the country build the business of their dreams.

"Joining the Transformers Mastermind Group has been my best business investment in the past decade."

Charlie Marcotte
American Pride Automotive

"I wanted to grow my business, Dynamic Automotive, but I had found it difficult to replicate the success we had at our first store. Even after our fourth location I still felt we were spending too much effort to make the new location successful. Joining the Transforms Mastermind group has changed EVERYTHING! We have been able to identify issues with under-performing locations and have developed a process to expand while keeping us consistent across all locations. Presenting our challenges to Greg and our group has given us real world solutions to real world problems— all have produced incredible results. If you want to grow smartly, join the Transformers!"

Dwayne Myers, Owner
Dynamic Auto

"It’s because of this Transformers Group I was able to find the right road to drive to get to my second location. It was an amazing experience for me because I made A LOT of mistakes on my first location and I wanted to minimize those kinds of mistakes on the second location. Transformers consulting opened my eyes to their combined experience’s and expertise to not make certain moves with the Acquisition. I’m ever grateful for their guidance as a group and as individuals. Thank you for having this available for those of us that admittedly know they do not know what they are doing but want to do it correctly."

Chris Heintzman, Owner

"I joined the Transformers Masterminds Gold group about a year ago. Having been in other 20 groups I really enjoy the format of this one, during each visit you bring an issue specific to your operation and you get about an hours worth of facetime in front of some of the best shops in the country, moderated by experienced coaches. They are very good at controlling tangent conversations and distraction, which I really appreciate. This group has not only helped my shop, but has helped me to grow personally, teaching me to overcome hard challenges that I was avoiding. I come home from our mastermind visits more confident than ever and my team back at home can see the difference, not just in my abilities but in the bottom line and their paychecks. We have almost doubled the shop's income since I joined. This group is not for everyone, I would only recommend joining if you plan to become the BEST at what you do!"

Patrick McHugh
Bimmer Rescue

"Dan's Emotional Intelligence class is huge game changer! It opens your eyes to look deeper into a person’s actions and what really motives them. It is beneficial for any position in your company. As a leader, this class will elevate your knowledge on methods to help your team succeed in ways you thought weren’t possible. Take the time to help yourself and your team by investing in this outstanding class!"

Dwayne Meyers
Dynamic Automotive

"Your course on Emotional Intelligence was great. It gets leaders thinking of where your drive is and how to find out what help drives your team members and what has maybe caused them to lose their passion in the past. We all were challenged to stop and conduct some soul searching and were able to help and push our team members for their personal goals and organizations goals. We know this industry is a fast-paced and can be high emotion had we service our customers. But, spending the time to dig deeper than the surface issues we face we have been able to boost our team’s morale and production. Dan and his team have mastered some technics when it comes to showing your team leaders or upper management the best ways to process, and develop ways to help your business and genuinely keep momentum high."

Philip Christensen
BG Auto

"I was using another direct mail service prior to Transformers Direct Marketing and it seemed to get ‘stale’ and stopped working. After switching to Transformers and working with their team, things are far from stale! They have creative designs and a unique way of personalizing the piece to each household. Direct Mail clients are now one of our highest ‘new customer’ ARO’s second only to referrals. Without a doubt, the switch to Transformers Direct Marketing. It’s worth every penny!"

Alan Symmes
Revolution Automotive Services

"Rick and his Transformers Direct Marketing team have done a great job with my direct mail marketing, their outstanding graphics design stands out and is radically different than the "status quo" and the campaigns are always creative and out of the box! My marketing dollars are precious to me, and when I work with these guys I really feel like I'm getting the best value possible, the results show it!"

Patrick McHugh
Bimmer Rescue

"The creativity, communication, and designs produced by Rick Mills at Transformers Direct Marketing are always a FIVE OUT OF FIVE-STAR EXPERIENCE! Can’t recommend his services enough, a true pro!"

Jarret Hann
Founder at Transportation Matters

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