Chris H.

I've been using Transformer MasterMind Institute for over 4 years and we have been able to add a new store because of them. It's amazing to have the support network with them that ensured me making the right move in the acquisition. I love how we are all wanting to get better as business owners and that it's refreshing to be part of a group that wants to Transform our industry to become a Respectable profession. The training for my Service advisors and Managers with the additional groups that they have formed to help better our team has been amazing. Everyone of my employees attends Transformers Institute and all of them have enjoyed the care that they have taken in the classes and groups that they have formed. I'm ever so thankful.

Dwayne M.

I have worked with business coaches and went to many training events over the years that have helped me elevate my business. Joining the Transformers Institute has catapulted my success and allowed me to succeed in business like never before . They have helped me organize and fix issues in my shops, guided me in a ground up build with a new facility and empowered me to ask the right questions to negotiate a successful deal on our newest location. With their guidance we have grown and are prepared for future expansion. The Transformer Institute is a wise choice. If you want to TRANSFORM yourself and your business give them a call.

Tim S.

I have worked with different automotive consulting companies over the years and others will get you to a certain level but when you are ready to get to the next level this is the group you want to join. The format they use is game changing. The people they work with are true experts. When you work with Transformers you will truly feel like you are bringing your business to the next level and "Transforming" the industry.

Dustin B.

I have worked with many coaching companies throughout my career and I feel blessed to have found Transformers. It is so much more than a business coach. Yes they offer coaching but they also offer great sales, leadership and CEO training. The 15 groups are amazing. Being in a room of other successful shop owners to bounce ideas off of has helped us to take our company to the next level. Cant say enough good things about this company!

Dwight P.

This is by far the best automotive industry training out there. We have been a member for a few years and from the beginning, it has been invaluable to our entire staff. They have programs and training modules to meet every need throughout their myriad of classes, conferences, and groups. Best thing we have done in our 30 years in business. Highly recommend!