Transformers Institute facilitates Mastermind Groups for Automotive Service and Repair shops whose goal is to be the best. These groups are for business owners who have graduated from a traditional 20 group or organized training program and are asking “what’s next?”

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What makes this Mastermind Different?

Auto Repair Only, Focused On Innovation, Collaboration, And Serious Results. Serious Professionals Only.

Transform Your Shop, Starting Right Now.

Platinum Mastermind Group

  • Specifically for current multi-store shop owners that currently have a minimum of 1.2 million in annual revenue at one location and are actively working on expanding. (The owner must not be in full time service advisor or technician role.) You strive for excellence and know the CEO role well. Your peers in the group will be valuable assets who understand your level of business.
  • Live meetings are two full days and take place in a 4 to 5-star facility.  Full-day participation is required on both days. Additional attendees are $400 per meeting.
  • A 45-minute individual coaching call with someone on the Transformers coaching team every month. Up to 3 hours of access per year of emergency/brain-storming/problem solving calls with the Transformers coaching team. We are with you every step of the way as you transform your business.
  • So many more benefits that can take your business to the next level. Training, business and personal development courses, coaching, and resources! Follow the link below to learn more!

Gold Mastermind Group

  • This group is specifically for successful automotive repair shop owners. For businesses doing at least 1 million in annual revenue with a desire to grow the business a minimum of 10% annually. (The owner must not be in a full-time service advisor or technician role. In other words, working on the business not in it.) You are a rapidly growing business and expect nothing less than to expand every year. Your peers understand those challenges and will share new opportunities.
  • Group meets 4 times a year (every quarter).  Meetings are two full days and take place in the Transformers HQ facility or a suitably excellent hotel venue.
  • Group meets monthly via video conference on months there is not a live meeting (8 times per year)
  • Access to many more classes, staff training, and resources to speed up your path to success. Follow the link below to learn more!

Gedeihen Virtual Mastermind Group

  • Your Success is our Success. This unique group is a virtual mastermind, which means that our meetings are 100% online; no need to leave your shop for days at a time. Save time and money, eliminate the need to travel, yet be part of a group of like-minded, success-driven shop owners like yourself.
  • The group’s focus is to help increase profits, streamline processes, attract, hire, train, and retain the industry’s top talent, while bringing new talent into the industry. Increase sales, car count, and customer retention. Our friends at Bosch and other companies will be involved in the group, making sure we have the tools and training to thrive now and well into the future.
  • Build strategic relationships, because deals don’t happen without relationships. The Transformers Institute has relationships with the top shop owners, vendors, and networks within the aftermarket automotive repair industry. Free yourself; stop being a slave to your business!
  • Learn the innovative tools and strategies shop owners are using to give them the freedom they rightfully deserve. Don’t be one of the shops who never gets free of the daily grind! Fellow members share the systems and processes they have developed to accomplish more while working less.

COO Mastermind Group

  • Maximum group size of 18.  Everyone will be at the COO level, and focused on maximizing company performance, growing their company, team, and number of clients.
  • Group meets 4 times a year (every quarter).  Meetings are at the Transformers Institute HQ or a suitably excellent hotel venue.
  • Group meets monthly via video conference on months there is not a live meeting (8 times per year).

Key Leader Mastermind Group

  • This group is for leaders and managers of an automotive service business who run successful facilities and are managing at least one location. Key Leader means just that, you are the key to success. You are the leader who will bring this business to the multi-million dollar mark. You're looking for a mix of successful single-store and multi-store key leaders of automotive repair businesses to help you achieve that.
  • Designed for professional growth with an emphasis on leadership skills and development.
  • Quarterly meetings at Transformers Institute HQ and monthly ZOOM meetings.
  • Exchange of information, ideas, and useful strategies with access to the people who know how to use them. Interested in being a Key Leader? Follow the link to learn more!

Shop Foreman Mastermind Group

  • This mastermind is designed to take serious Shop Foremen, and turn them into auto repair business masters. You can define the future of our industry; it's our job to help you do it - Right Now.

  • Designed for professional growth with an emphasis on leadership skills and development.
  • 2 in-person meetings with the group, at various locations around the country, where you will work with our coaches and other group members to master key skills.
  • 2 scheduled, ZOOM meetings with the coaches and your specific group, to focus on new problems, solutions, and industry strategies to make you stand out from the competition.
  • Quarterly individual meetings with the coaches that will bring you to the forefront, and let you get the one-on-one focus your career deserves.
  • Private SLACK channel for constant feedback and communication with your entire mastermind.


Our Members Commit To: • Operate respectable and ethical automotive service businesses in their communities • Attend all meetings for the benefit of themselves and the group as a whole • Actively listen, participate, and share ideas in the group • Honor a code of confidentiality • Leave their egos at the door and operate in a spirit of transparency • Respect all group members and their business models *Airfare, ground transportation, lodging and optional welcome dinner not included.

What’s expected of you with Membership?

Our selection of Mastermind Groups combines shop owners and key leaders from around the country, who share a common goal: to maximize their business while transforming the industry for the better. Everyone dedicated to these groups gets maximum benefit when we ask the following:

  • Be ready for 2 full-day meetings groups, 4 times a year. We focus on learning, opportunities, problem solving, and growth. 
  • Please attend the web-hosted meetings between those sessions, so we can all keep things moving forward together. Each group has it's own schedule.
  • When you're in a meeting, leave your ego at the door. We are all professionals dedicated to performing at the highest level.
  • Be willing to be honest and transparent, and accept/receive all feedback graciously. Sometimes the lessons we need to hear aren't the easiest to listen to, but we are in this together.
  • Not only glean nuggets you can use, but also be willing to contribute. You have hard-fought lessons that can make a huge difference in someone else's business, please help them open doors.
  • Please be fully attentive during member sessions. Everyone in a group is worth your time and attention, so treat them as you would expect to be treated. 
  • Attend all meetings for the benefit of the whole group and yourself.

"Joining the Transformers Mastermind Group has been my best business investment in the past decade."

Charlie Marcotte
American Pride Automotive

"It’s because of this Transformers Group I was able to find the right road to drive to get to my second location. It was an amazing experience for me because I made A LOT of mistakes on my first location and I wanted to minimize those kinds of mistakes on the second location. Transformers consulting opened my eyes to their combined experience’s and expertise to not make certain moves with the Acquisition. I’m ever grateful for their guidance as a group and as individuals. Thank you for having this available for those of us that admittedly know they do not know what they are doing but want to do it correctly."

Chris Heintzman

"I wanted to grow my business, Dynamic Automotive, but I had found it difficult to replicate the success we had at our first store. Even after our fourth location I still felt we were spending too much effort to make the new location successful. Joining the Transforms Mastermind group has changed EVERYTHING! We have been able to identify issues with under-performing locations and have developed a process to expand while keeping us consistent across all locations. Presenting our challenges to Greg and our group has given us real world solutions to real world problems— all have produced incredible results. If you want to grow smartly, join the Transformers!"

Dwayne Myers
Dynamic Auto

"I joined the Transformers Masterminds Gold group about a year ago. Having been in other 20 groups I really enjoy the format of this one, during each visit you bring an issue specific to your operation and you get about an hours worth of facetime in front of some of the best shops in the country, moderated by experienced coaches. They are very good at controlling tangent conversations and distraction, which I really appreciate. This group has not only helped my shop, but has helped me to grow personally, teaching me to overcome hard challenges that I was avoiding. I come home from our mastermind visits more confident than ever and my team back at home can see the difference, not just in my abilities but in the bottom line and their paychecks. We have almost doubled the shop's income since I joined. This group is not for everyone, I would only recommend joining if you plan to become the BEST at what you do!"

Patrick McHugh
Bimmer Rescue

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