Lacey Servidio

Lacey discovered her niche for phone Quality Assurance programs when she was an inbound customer service representative and volunteered to help a manager audit for inconsistencies in agent metric reports. Since then, Lacey has found her passion in helping companies stand out with extraordinary skills on the phone by helping build their Quality Assurance programs. Lacey has over 6 years experience creating and managing QA programs for top companies such as Instacart, Home Advisor, and McKesson, which is a pharmaceutical and health information technology company.


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Lacey's Accomplishments

Lacey’s experience in Quality Assurance first began at 24-7 Intouch, a global customer care company most notably known for their services with Nike, Spotify, Netflix and Instacart. Her introduction to QA began by partnering with high-level Instacart employees to produce a unique and specialty-crafted QA program, geared towards auditing customer service representative’s phone and email interactions with both Instacart customers and the company’s shopper fleet. In addition to auditing phone and email interactions for the program, Lacey over-saw the hiring process to staff for the growing QA department, trained the new auditors, and ultimately came to manage the entire program.

Lacey also assisted clients Home Advisor and in crafting their own QA programs, and took on the added responsibility of training analysts and holding weekly calibration meetings with the client’s executive staff. During her many years with 24-7 Intouch, Lacey managed over 20 Quality Assurance auditors, and oversaw the creation and operation of an additional QA program in Manila, when the company expanded its reach to the Philippines. By creating and helping to manage these custom and unique QA programs, it gave the clients the bandwidth to improve and grow their companies without having to sacrifice the time to listen to phone calls themselves.

Lacey credits much of her success within her career to her father, Jason Servidio, who throughout the years has helped her to refine and utilize her skills to the highest degree. Lacey now works side by side with Jason running the inbound QA program for Transformers Institute. 

  • Awarded 24-7 Intouch’s first annual “10 Things” award for exemplary and consistent flexibility and positive attitude 
  • Received multiple written awards for outstanding performance throughout her career
  • High-level knowledge of Quality Assurance operations
  • Experience with vastly different types of QA programs across multiple platforms and various clients
  • Professional, high-level communicator
  • Emotionally Intelligent
  • Natural born leader