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Our Completely New, Autoshop Specific Program Designed To Maximize Appointments.

We've Spent Years Coaching Appointment Setting Skills, Now We're Taking It To The Most Effective, Appointment Maximizing Level in a New Program

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What Does the QA Program Do?

Have you ever wished you had a scan tool to see how your inbound call conversions and customer service engine is running? For example, do you wish you could see if you're running on all cylinders, is the Turbo kicking in, or are you running lean and experiencing frequent misfires?

Using the Transformers Institute Inbound Call Quality Assurance Program will be like hooking up the best scan tool to your phone and knowing exactly how your team is performing and what corrections are needed for optimum performance.

We all know training phone skills is paramount to the success of any auto shop, but human nature is to fall back into old patterns, which usually leads to less than stellar phone to appointment conversion rates.  We know you don't have time to listen to every call; you have a business to run!

Let the certified Transformers Institute QA analysts do the heavy lifting and provide you with the information you need to train and correct your team. Our in-depth analytical tools, custom summary, and coaching will help you and your team be the best of the best, and you will see your appointment schedule full, your techs happy, and your bank account grow

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What We Do

The Automotive Inbound Call Quality Assurance Program is designed to measure what was previously unmeasurable. It provides detailed and actionable information on what previously relied on gut feelings only. In addition, it provides a fast reaction tool, enabling owners and managers to proactively correct issues before they become critical.

The Transformers Institute Inbound Call Quality Assurance Program will allow participating shops to stand above the rest in the industry by knowing they provide their customers with a memorable, positive, and next-level professional phone experience. Shops that participate in this program will actually know their call-to-appointment conversion rate, know why appointments were set, and for what reasons they were lost. They will now have a powerful tool to increase sales, car count, and public opinion of their business, rather than just throwing more money into marketing that they only hope will work. 

The Transformers Institute Inbound Call Quality Assurance Program combines best practices taught through the Transformers Institute Advanced Service Advisor Program, 'Winning on the Phone". 

We will provide customizable content and standards for your business and measure systems and practices used by top corporations around the world. As a result, independent automotive shops can now have an inbound call Quality Assurance program on par with some of the biggest and best corporations. 

No more hoping that whoever answers the phone has good judgment, high emotional intelligence, and wow customers. No more just hoping your conversation rate is what you need it to be. Now you will know factually and have a powerful tool to train and teach the specific techniques to improve the whole shop.

How We Do It

When signing up for the program, you will have a consultation call that will help you choose your pre-developed questions and customize the audits to your business model. You will also be able to add a limited number of custom questions to the audit worksheet.

Transformers Institute Quality Assurance analysts will sift through your inbound calls each day, separating "auditable" calls from the rest, utilizing your pre-existing phone recording system. An auditable call is any inbound phone call the analyst deems as having the potential of ending in a scheduled appointment.

Several calls will be formally audited each working day for the entire month. This provides a more accurate picture and avoids excuses from employees and temporary situations that were only present for a short time. Examples of this may include short-handed situations, bad moods, tiredness that day, and anything else an employee might say as a reason for performing poorly on a call.

Quality Assurance analysts will listen to calls for between 12 and 15 hours each month and officially audit up to 50 calls per month.

There are over 55 data points measured in each audit. 

Audits will be turned in to the Quality Assurance Program manager to summarize and populate the Executive Summary. The Executive Summary will then be provided to the owner or manager. 

Each Executive Summary contains a percentage score for each of the audit's questions and a separate percentage score for each of the audit's categories. It also includes a summary of commonalities of that month's calls and links to 3 call examples from that month.

The owner or manager can schedule a 30-minute phone call or Zoom meeting each month to discuss the prior month's results. This meeting would be for anything from help interpreting the results, listening to a call or two, or getting to coach on how to correct the issues identified with the shop's staff.  

All Quality Assurance analysts and Quality Assurance program managers are experienced in practice. They are trained and Certified by the Transformers Institute Advanced Service Advisor Training Program team.

A mechanism exists to notify the company's contact person immediately if a "red flag" call is identified. Some examples of a red flag call include extreme rudeness from the shop's employee to a customer, swearing by the shop's employee, physical threats by the employee or the customer, and any conversation that implies theft from the shop. In addition, any discussion with blatant dishonesty from the employee, sexual discussions, any other inappropriate discussions, not prioritizing the scheduling of a comeback or a customer threatening legal action, bad review action, or noticeably angry. 

What You Can Expect

We will provide owners and managers comparable month-over-month metrics in an easy-to-read Executive Summary.

We will provide owners and managers with detailed insight on customer interactions, customer experience, and actual call-to-appointment conversion rate.

We will provide owners and managers with a powerful diagnostic tool that enables them to quickly fix sales and car count issues as a lead measure, not a lag measure.

We will provide owners and managers with a powerful measurement tool to stay ahead of potential customer service issues instead of reacting after the fact. Proactive vs. reactive.

We will provide owners and managers with in-depth insight into their customers' interaction with the business.

We will provide owners and managers with trusted insight into their customers' overall impression of the business without spending dozens of hours listening to interactions themselves.

We will provide owners and managers with precise information to know exactly what to correct, focus on, and train.

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