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Transform Your Business With this Life-Changing 12 Month Course, Created by Industry Experts. From Foundations and Vision, All the Way to Finances and Marketing, We Are With You Every Step of the Way. Your Business, Can Unleash Your Dreams.

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About The Class

The Build Your Business, Unleash Your Dreams Course. Take 12 Months with Greg Bunch, a Master In the Industry and Pioneer in the Auto Industry.

What Does Your Dream Look Like?

Let us help you define your vision.

Most of us started out with the dreams of owning our own shop, being our own boss, and living the good life. Unfortunately, 95% of shop owners are overly stressed and lack the financial rewards or freedoms that should come with the business ownership. We start the 12-month program by focusing on the mission, vision, and culture of your business. We then move through sales, marketing, and operations.

Finally, we complete the year-long program with finance/accounting, human resources, and IT/Technology. This program is specifically designed to help shop owners, at any stage, build a strong business foundation that will become the catalyst for creating the business of their dreams.

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The Instructor

Jason is the most qualified person in the world to teach this class

Greg Bunch is an automotive industry entrepreneur and a successful multi-location shop owner. He is also an industry-leading speaker, trainer, and consultant who founded the Transformers Institute.
Greg’s automotive journey began in southern California where, as a teenager, he fixed Volkswagens as a hobby. He became a master technician and has also been a service advisor and a manager before making the transition to starting his own shop.
He has since grown it to a multimillion-dollar company that has sold over $70 million in service since he opened his doors in 2001. His journey has led him to share his knowledge by serving on the boards of Ratchet and Wrench magazine and the Automotive Institute of Science and Technology. Greg’s unique approach to life and business has inspired people to work hard to become the best that they can be. His mission is to ‘transform’ the auto repair industry while helping others do the same.
Greg resides in beautiful Colorado with his wife Elaina and has five children, and eight grandchildren. He enjoys spending time with his family, exploring the great outdoors of Colorado, off-roading, performance driving, and traveling.

Course Modules

Each Chapter of this Training Will Focus on Incredibly Important, and Specific Lessons That Will Sharpen Your Vision

Mission, Vision, Culture, Values

Month 1

We start by building the foundation of your business. The first step in growth is to create a mission, vision, culture and value statement. We cover the importance of these documents in your organization and how to embed them into your company. This document needs to be a living document that you, your employees, your vendors, and your customers know. We will teach you how to make this happen in a real and practical way.


Month 2 and 3

Zig Ziglar is famous for saying, “Nothing happens until somebody sells something to somebody!” The word “sales” tends to have a negative connotation, but the reality is that to successfully grow your shop, creating a sales culture structured around a sales system and process is paramount to your success. You will learn how to create a sales system within your organization that is consistent and scalable.


Month 4

A foundational part of any successful and growth-minded organization is marketing. Marketing is so much more than a website or postcards. We explore the foundation of a marketing strategy and plan. From branding to demographics, we cover what every shop owner needs to know about marketing now and into the future.


Months 5, 6, and 7

We take a deep dive into how the best automotive service and repair shops in the country run. As the old saying goes, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” Likewise, there’s more than one business model or system that can be successful. We expose you to the “best practices” and let you create an operational system that is logical and duplicatable as you scale your business.

Human Resources and Administration

Months 8 and 9

We all know that in order to grow our business, we must have good people. We dig into what it takes to recruit, hire, train, and retain the talent your organization needs to grow and thrive. We cover the highlights of a solid HR program and how to create scalable systems and processes.

Finance and Accounting

Months 10 and 11

Every successful company needs not only good people but also a rock-solid accounting system that is built to scale. We will dive into systems, processes, and strategies to create a strong accounting department that will provide the owner the tools needed to successfully evaluate their financial position. You will learn how to communicate with banks and accountants as you are building a strong foundation to grow.

IT and Technology

Month 12

Technology is changing at lightning speed. In this course, we cover the ins and outs of building a solid infrastructure for a growing automotive service and repair business. With all the different software and hardware options, our goal is to educate you so you can make informed decisions on what is best for your business and how to choose the right vendors.

Your Turn To Make A Move

If You Are Ready, Beyond Ready, To Build Your Business and Unleash Your Dreams, I Promise You This Course Is The Best Way to Do It.

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