SWOT Analysis

Our Coaches will help you evaluate every aspect of your business, so you can maximize the tools and skills you have to improve and grow rapidly.



Our on-site assessment is a crucial look at your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. We will go over every part of the business with you, to make sure you have the best possible advantage.

The SWOT analysis was invented in the 1960s by a management consultant named Albert Humphrey at the Stanford Research Institute. Previously, corporate planning had not met with much success. Fortune 500 companies needed a way to produce long-term planning that was executable and reasonable.

Transformers' SWOT

We have found that it’s most important to start with the basics. The Transformers team has taken the traditional SWOT and developed a Deep SWOT in which we systematically evaluate the 7 major aspects of your business. Coaching and evaluation, all in one. Are you ready to hit the top 10%?

1. Mission/Vision/Culture/Values

4. Operations

2. Sales

5. Finance and Accounting

3. Marketing

6. HR and Administration

7. Technology and Innovation

There will be a 1.5-day, on-site visit and a comprehensive SWOT Analysis report at the conclusions of our findings. This is the best way to measure the current status of your business and then becomes the starting point for creating a business plan and a customized consulting/coaching program to best build the business of your dreams.


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