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Your success is our success. This unique group is a virtual mastermind, which means that our meetings are 100% online. There’s no need to leave your shop for days at a time. Save time and money, eliminate the need to travel, yet be part of a group of link-minded, success-driven shop owners like yourself. Learn the innovative tools and strategies shop owners are using to give them the freedom they rightfully deserve. Don’t be one of the shops who never gets free of the daily grind! Fellow members share the systems and processes they have developed to accomplish more while working less.

You can expect the following: 

  • Maximum group size of 20. This way everyone has time to present, ask questions, and discover meaningful information.
  • Meet on Zoom 2 times a month. 
  • Discounted tickets for our Service Advisor Programs and Emotional Intelligence Class. 
  • Access to private "members only" SLACK channel. Keep in touch with your group on the fly!

Gedeihen Membership Benefits

  • 2-Day Emotional Intelligence Class | $1,797 Value | $597 per attendee
  • 4-Day Advanced Service Advisor Sales Class | $1,997 Value | $1,497 per attendee
  • Online Advanced Service Advisor Sales Training Course | $1,197 Value | Member is included, $997 per attendee
  • Online Video Training Module - "The Most Important 7-inches" | $997 Value | $497 
  • 12-month Sales Training and Coaching Video Course - "Build Your Business, Unleash Your Dreams" | $3,562 Value | $1782

Meeting Structure

  • The group meets twice a month, for 2 1/2 hours.  Each member will have a 20-minute time slot approximately every eight weeks

  • During each session we will discuss the challenge or opportunity facing the shop owner. We will uncover why it’s important and what obstacles are in the way. We will discuss goals, time frames, steps already taken, and what further actions will need to happen.

  • Attendance at both monthly meetings is expected.  We use ZOOM, so you will need a webcam and headset, along with a place you can be on the meeting in private, without interruption.


  • You will not only gain valuable insight into your issue, you will glean incredible wisdom, knowledge, and ideas from the other members’ topics too.  This is the magic of the collaborative brainstorming model.

  • It’s like a “Super Brain” is brought into the meeting. Problems are solved, mindsets are challenged, and breakthroughs are commonplace. We also weave in relevant training from guest speakers and the Transformers team.
  • A private SLACK channel is provided for members to communicate, collaborate, and share pertinent resources outside of the meeting.

Building The CASTLE

  • Clarity: having a clear vision, with a plan to execute it, and the resources to make it happen.

  • Accountability: Choosing a team who can keep you focused on the challenges on the way to the top.

  • Support: building the resources and knowledge to turn failures into progress, and desperation into inspiration.

  • Trust: establishing your reputation, growing your loyal customer base.

  • Leverage: the right advantages to grow when opportunity comes.

  • Engagement: creating connections so that you can be seen for exactly what you are - a leader.

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