Advanced Service Advisor Sales Class

4 Day Instructor-led Intensive Live Sales Training Class


About The Class

Advanced Service Advisor Sales With Jason Servidio

The Advanced Service Advisor Sales training class is a program that was born out of necessity and sharpened over time through practicing it within the business and measuring its results along the way. These are not the same old techniques you hear in other programs, but unique, proven methods focused on transforming service advisors into professional sales people.

This class has been successful in helping the experienced, seasoned advisor go to levels never thought possible, as well as helping inexperienced, outside the industry, assistants and customer service representatives transform into top performing advisors. In the class, advisors will be exposed to advanced sales techniques designed to create a lasting relationship with customers and remind students that our job is about the customer, not the car. They will learn to “defuse”, rather than “overcome”, objections and how to get a customer to reexamine their own logic on how they view automotive maintenance and repair decisions.

This class has successfully taught advisors not only the skills shop owners want them to have but, more importantly, the mentality they want them to have. It will help remove the “taboo” and negative stigma around being considered a “salesperson.” A common thread in the class is learning how to proactively sell without ever making the customer feel pressure. Students will also learn to be “bold and unafraid” when it comes to recommending work, and fearless in the face of rejection.

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The Instructor

Jason is the most qualified person in the world to teach this class

Jason has worn many hats in his career such as technician, service advisor, manager, Aspen Auto Clinic VP, trainer, and even high-ticket item in-home salesman. Selling has become his passion! His management, leadership, and ability to train and motivate others is truly inspirational.

Jason lights a fire under everyone who attends his class so they are prepared, pumped, and ready to get back on the counter.

Class Modules

Here is what you and your service advisors will learn in this training.

Structuring for Success

Module 1

To be truly successful, your sales, marketing and operations need to tie together. Some new processes and tools must be implemented to help increase our opportunities and the odds of making sales. This module is a vital part of having an actual sales system that ties processes together rather than a set of disjointed actions that are different every time and rely solely on the mood of the advisor. This module is also a vital part of making loss leader advertising actually pay off.

Phone Skills

Module 2

This is a comprehensive module on phone skills as they relate to sales and capturing customers that are otherwise missed by most shops. This module causes advisors and managers to think very differently about how they handle customers who call for information.

Key skills taught are:

  • How to refrain from quoting prices over the phone without upsetting the potential customer.
  • How to read between the lines of what the customer is asking. What they ask is not necessarily what they really need to know.
  • How to avoid answers that lead to the end of the conversation. We call them “pitfall questions.”
  • How to prioritize broken cars and still keep oil change appointment customers happy.

I Am Master

Module 3

This module teaches advanced sales techniques that relate to speaking to the customer at the counter while writing up and cashing out an oil change service. Service advisors and managers learn what they need to accomplish, how to accomplish it, and how to identify when it has been accomplished.

The key skills taught are:

  • How to proactively sell to an oil change customer without them ever feeling any pressure.
  • How to increase the amount of opportunities for a sale.
  • How to start the process of converting an oil change customer to a repeat repair customer.
  • How to make the customer view you and your business differently than they otherwise would.
  • How to improve the odds for a sale on the next visit.
  • How to ensure the customer returns again.

The 5 Missing Parts of a Sale

Module 4

Learn how to sell repairs more effectively. This module provides a road map that can be followed, while teaching advanced techniques in sales.This is not a script, rather it’s a series of goals to accomplish while selling. Make sure you don’t “sell like a caveman” which can be common in our industry. Learn actual sales techniques that are common in other sales industries but completely missing in ours.

Becoming a Professional Communicator

Module 5

Learn how to communicate with technicians, proactive project management, and how to thoroughly impress your customers after the job is sold. It’s important to understand that the real business you are in is communications. You should be an expert at communicating with everyone, not just customers.

Selling Diagnostics and Repairs Identified from Diagnostics

Module 6

This module will first give the advisors a different and unique understanding of a “diagnostic.” This different mentality combined with the skills and sentences taught in the module will not only increase their sales of diagnostics but will give them a whole new level of confidence when selling the repairs identified by that diagnostic. They will learn how to boldly sell the diagnostic service, the following needed repair, and even how to keep a back door open in case further repairs are identified.

Increasing Your ARO Through Superior Sales Techniques

Module 7

This is where it all comes together because all skills taught in the other modules are expanded upon and tied together here. This module is all about creating and maintaining a high average repair order even while doing oil change services as a loss-leader.

This one module is the most effective and powerful tool to raise ARO. Advisors will be taught key sentences, phrases, and specific things to say that solve most of their problems. They will learn exactly how to overcome objections and deal with customer pushback on price. They’ll learn how to continue to sell after the customer says no without the customer even realizing it.They will learn how to carry themselves differently and be seen and respected as a true professional.

Advisors and managers go through the other modules before attending this one, but it is after this module that service advisors and managers will be transformed into professional salespeople. They will have more confidence, boldness, and skill than ever before and will possess the tools necessary to make any type of sale to any type of customer. After this module, they should be seen, addressed, and paid as salespeople, not automotive people.

The” No” Process

Module 8

This module for managers teaches specific and proven techniques to capture lost sales.It systemizes how and when a service advisor should turn the ticket over to the manager, so he/she can attempt to save it. The module also teaches the manager exactly how and what to say to the customer to help them reconsider without the customer feeling any kind of pressure.

When the “No” Process is implemented and followed consistently, the manager is then free to focus on this type of sale, as opposed to working his/her own tickets. This process has the potential to massively increase the gross sales of the business.

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