Greg Burchette

Greg Is an incredible coach, with an incredible diversity in his business experience. From Bridgewater Motorworks, to an Environmental Consulting firm, he's done it all. Greg can show you, and your team, how to make a meaningful, sustainable difference in your community.

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Meet Greg Burchette

Greg approaches his business with the precision that comes from working with the United States Military and the science that comes from his degree in hydrogeology.  In fact, prior to acquiring Bridgewater Motorworks, he owned an environmental consulting firm that serviced the oil industry.  

 After divesting from his environmental consulting firm, Greg started Bridgewater Motorworks in 1999.  Greg took the facility from a 3 bay engine replacement center grossing $225k per year to a 7 bay full service automotive service center grossing $2 million a year specializing in engines and transmissions.

Greg has served on advisory boards for Jasper Engines.  Greg is a commercially rated private pilot, Corvette racing enthusiast and enjoys photography and traveling.