Doris Barnes

Doris Barnes is the dynamic Director of Strategic Growth at Transformers Institute, boasting over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. Her journey began with a notable tenure at Mercedes-Benz, earning her recognition as an AMG Expert, and transitioned into a pivotal role in business development and client relations at Elite Worldwide.

Now at the helm of Transformers Institute, Doris channels her strategic acumen into identifying growth opportunities and spearheading innovative sales strategies. She is dedicated to cultivating deep client relationships and steering the company through the evolving market landscape with foresight and innovation.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Doris is a devoted mother to two wonderful children. Together, they explore the great outdoors, from hiking and snowboarding to relishing the coastal charm of San Diego's beaches. Travel and quality time with family and friends are the keystones of her personal life, enriching her world with joy and shared experiences.

In San Diego, Doris balances her professional aspirations with her passion for life, embracing the journey with the same vigor and dedication she applies to her role at Transformers Institute. She's committed to navigating the road to success with integrity, empathy, and a visionary approach.




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