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Al Pridemore’s career spans over 4 decades — starting with 4 years of military service (USMC), a 13-year stint within Big Oil’s management ranks, while completing his bachelor’s in business at the University of Phoenix, followed by 25+ years in the automotive service industry. Starting out as a ‘gas pump jockey’/ tire tec, he moved on to shop management, then regional trainer and later as director of training and development and minority owner with his brothers in a national chain of tire and auto service centers, partnered with Texaco. In 2005, he and his brothers broke out under their own brand, Pride Auto Care, and over 17 years put together a profitable, six-store, family-owned chain of full service tire and auto service centers in the Denver metro area. In early 2023, they sold those operations but retained ownership of 4 of the 6 properties. They are now landlords for the new ownership. In 2022, their 6 shops produced just under $12 million in total revenues (49 total bays) with 51 employees, working 5-day workweeks and 10-hour workdays. Their well-run operations boasted top-quartile profitability, low employee turnover and incredible service reputations in their communities. They pin their ultimate success on a people-centered culture that focused on relationships with people on both sides of the counter — incredible discretionary effort from happy, well-trained and valued employees and a very loyal customer base. Their rock-solid business model concentrated on building quality leadership within their ranks and developing their people for maximum satisfaction and output from entry level service techs and master ASE technicians to long-term service management staff. Their people were empowered with complete oversight for their shops, their P & L’s and most importantly taking great care of their teams.



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Al's Accomplishments



  1. Military Service: Al Pridemore's career began with four years of dedicated service in the US Marine Corps, showcasing discipline and commitment.

  2. Big Oil Management: With 13 years in Big Oil's management ranks, Al gained invaluable experience in a corporate setting.

  3. Education: While building his career, Al successfully completed his bachelor's in business at the University of Phoenix, highlighting a commitment to continuous learning.

  4. Automotive Service Industry: Al transitioned into the automotive service industry, starting from the ground up as a 'gas pump jockey'/tire technician and progressing to higher roles, including regional trainer and Director of Training and Development.

  5. National Chain Ownership: As a minority owner with his brothers, Al contributed to the success of a national chain of tire and auto service centers affiliated with Texaco.

  6. Independent Venture - Pride Auto Care: Al and his brothers founded Pride Auto Care in 2005, developing it into a profitable, six-store, family-owned chain in the Denver metro area over 17 years.

  7. Strategic Sale: In 2023, Al and his brothers strategically sold the operations while retaining ownership of four properties, showcasing business savvy and foresight.

  8. Financial Success: In 2022, their six shops achieved just under $12 million in total revenues, highlighting their financial acumen and the effectiveness of their business model.

  9. People-Centered Culture: Al's emphasis on a people-centered culture led to top-quartile profitability, low employee turnover, and outstanding service reputations in their communities.

  10. Leadership and Empowerment: Al's leadership focused on building quality leadership within their ranks, developing their people, and empowering teams for maximum satisfaction and output, creating a positive work environment.