Transformers Institute Annual Summit 2023

Elevate Your Game at Royalton Splash, Cancun

November 28 - December 2, 2023
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The Auto Repair Industry’s Most Anticipated Event

Welcome to the Transformers Institute Annual Summit 2023! Here, only the crème de la crème
of the independent auto repair industry gathers to redefine success, mastermind growth
strategies, and elevate their brands. If you consider yourself a leader and a visionary, THIS is your

Transformers Institute 2023 Summit

Why Attend?


🌟 Be Where the Elite Meet

This is the grand stage where the industry titans congregate. Want to be counted among them? This Summit is the ultimate gathering place for the most successful and ambitious auto repair shop owners.


💡 A Speaker Line-Up Like No Other

learn from world class speakers and trainers, including Greg Bunch, CEO of Transformers Institute, Chris Ronzio, CEO and founder of Trainual, World renowned Author and Speaker Kathleen Quinn Votow, The Coaches Coach Rod Olson, Tony Chatman, Jeff Vargas, Colin Davis, Brian Sump, Doug Grills and more. The insights and strategies shared by these thought leaders are exclusive to this event. Get inspired, get informed and get ahead. 


🚀 Propel Your Business Forward

engage in immersive workshops and sessions that challenge conventional thinking. Discover how to sharpen your business acumen and cultivate an empowered team. All are aimed at catapulting your business to unparalleled heights. 


🌴  Experience Exclusivity and Luxury

The Royalton Splash in Cancun is more than just a venue; it's an experience. from the breathtaking views to the sumptuous cuisine, every aspect is carefully curated to indulge your senses and inspire greatness. 


👑  Establish Your Legacy

In an industry as competitive as ours, the top spot is reserved for those who dare to innovate and take bold steps. Here's your chance to not just be a part of history but to make it. Build a legacy that others will aspire to for years to come. 

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Royalton Riviera All-Inclusive Resort

Space is limited - book now!

This year’s summit is at the all-inclusive Royalton Riviera Cancun, Mexico. With more than 20 restaurants and bars, a fitness center, nightly entertainment, a spa and a casino, there’s something for everyone. Plus it’s family friendly with a kid’s club, teen club and Splash Safari water zone.

Whether you bring your family or attend solo, you deserve a little slice of paradise after a year of hard work. The Summit has been designed to not only focus on your business, but give you a chance to unwind, connect with other shop owners and take time for you.

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Transformers Institute has a block of rooms, first come first served, so don't miss out and book as soon as possible. Once the block is full, prices will be subject to current pricing and availability.



The Transformers Institute Annual Summit:
An Elite Gathering

Our event has been handcrafted for a unique group of auto repair industry leaders who are poised for transformative growth and are eager to broaden their horizons. Is that you? Let's see if you recognize yourself in the following:

  • You've built a successful business, single-handedly or with a partner, and have the financial prowess and time dedicated to taking it even further.
  • You've planted your business roots firmly and are now ready for your operations to blossom.
  • Your mind is your greatest asset. Open to new ideas and practices, you're prepared to invest not just in your business, but in your personal growth and that of your team.

If you find yourself nodding along, then the Transformers Institute Annual Summit is for you. It's where the industry's brightest minds convene. It's where your journey to building your business' future begins!

Don’t Miss Out

The Transformers Institute Annual Summit 2023 is unlike any other event, it's the pinnacle of achievement, the holy grail for the independent auto repair industry. This is your chance to solidify your place among the greats. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers.

Our Summit is the only time non-members can be a part of Transformers Institute and have the chance to learn from our experts and be a part of the Transformers experience. By attending the Summit, you’ll be among industry game-changers, trailblazers and the best in the business.

Imagine soaking up knowledge from the world's leading auto repair business innovators, building direct connections with industry pioneers and gaining insights from the most forward-thinking leaders in the industry. 

At the Summit, your visions take form, your connections multiply and your access to resources explodes, creating a vortex of possibilities for you and your business.

But here's the catch ... our seats are limited and highly sought-after. That's why we have a selective application process to ensure a meeting of minds that can truly transform the industry.

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Tuesday November 28:

05:00pm - 06:00pm
Reception & Cocktail Hour
06:00pm - 08:00pm
Welcome Dinner
*Sky Terrace*  









Wednesday November 29:

07:00am - 09:00am 
09:00am - 10:0am 
Tony Chatman
10:45am - 11:45pm
Brian Sump
Avalon Motorsports/Urban Autocare
12:00pm - 01:00pm
Jeff Vargas
01:00pm - 02:00pm
2:00pm - 04:00pm
Team Builder
06:00pm - 08:00pm 
Optional Sign-Up Dinner with TI Coach & Vendor Rep
*Limited Space Available*

Thursday NOVEMBER 30, 2023

07:00am - 09:00am 
09:00am - 10:00am 
Rod Olson - Coach O Consulting
10:15am - 11:5pm
Doug Grills - AutoStream
11:30am - 01:00pm
Vendor Exhibit
01:00pm - 02:00pm
2:00pm - 03:00pm
Colin Davis - First Principles Coaching
03:15pm - 04:00pm 
Transformers Institute Update

Friday December 1, 2023

07:00am - 09:00am 
09:00am - 10:00am 
Kathleen Quinn Votaw - KQV
10:15am - 11:5pm
Greg Bunch - Aspen Auto Clinic/TransformersInstitute
11:30am - 01:00pm
Chris Ronzio - Trainual
01:00pm - 02:00pm
2:00pm -  04:00pm 
Vendor Exhibit
11:30am - 01:00pm
Chris Ronzio - Trainual
05:00pm - 06:00pm
Cocktail Hour *Grazie Terrace*
6:00pm -  08:00pm 
Closing Ceremony & Dinner *Blue River*

Saturday December 2, 2023

Free day for networking


Greg Bunch

Greg is the Transformers Institute President and owner of Aspen Auto Clinic, an award winning 6-location automotive service business in Colorado. Throughout his career, Greg has worked in shops as a technician, service advisor, manager and ultimately owner. He's also a well-known industry speaker, consultant, Ratchet & Wrench editorial advisor. As the President of Transformers Institute his goal is to transform the auto industry for the good.


Fernando Miranda

Fernando is the VP of Sales at Transformers Institute and an incredibly accomplished executive with more than 23 years in the automotive industry. He's held positions across the board in shops -  from parts and services all the way to executive operations at Fortune 500 companies. His ability to communicate, problem solve, innovate and teach make him an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to take their auto shop business to the next level or become an entrepreneur themselves. His specialty is building and leading top-performing teams on large-scale projects.  

Meet Our Speakers

Chris Ronzio

As a speaker, Chris Ronzio combines his experience as a serial entrepreneur, startup leader, life-long diabetic, and athlete to share unique lessons and actionable insights that resonate with diverse, professional audiences.




Rod Olson

Rod Olson, also known as Coach O', is a renowned catalyst and Coaches' coach recognized for his ability to guide high-performing leaders in discovering their untapped potential and excelling as motivators in the modern era.


Kathleen Quinn Votaw

Kathleen Quinn Votaw is a leading authority on resolving the #1 concern of CEOs across the country: How to find and keep top talent. She is the author of two books: Dare to Care in the Workplace—A Guide to the New Way We Work; and Solve the People Puzzle—How High-Growth Companies Attract & Retain Top Talent.                                                          


Tony Chatman

Tony’s passion for teaching leaders and teams how to build emotional and business bridges, tackle tough diversity conversations, and develop communication avenues that allow for greater growth, healthier teams, and elevated productivity is the reason he’s asked back by clients again and again.               



Colin Davis

As the founder of First Principles Coaching, Colin is an expert in helping small business owners achieve remarkable success as well as find fulfillment in their personal lives.
With a passion for empowering business owners to win at work and life, he's spent over a decade advising business owners and people from every walk of life. Colin draws from his academic research background, personal experiences, insatiable curiosity and guidance from great mentors to find the answer to the fundamental question of how people can truly change for good.


Jeff Vargas

As CEO of Generationology, a renowned consulting firm, Jeff empowers individuals to excel in their careers. He is also the co-founder of The Healthcare Leadership Lab, fostering better leadership among healthcare professionals through self-reflection, introspection, and community engagement.                    


Doug Grills

Doug started his career with Mobil Oil in 1987, holding positions from marketing to running local shops and eventually working for the corporate office. 

In 1999, Doug co-founded Convenience Retailing and over time expanded throughout Maryland. In 2010, Doug and his business partner started their automotive brand, AutoStream Car Care, with the goal of opening stand-alone automotive service centers. They celebrated their 24th anniversary this year and now operate nine locations and 65 bays.

When he’s not working, Doug enjoys playing tennis and golf, spending time with his wife Wendy, and their adult children and grandchildren.


Brian Sump

Brian Sump is not your typical shop owner. A former professional athlete, Brian had never turned a wrench in a shop before starting Denver-based Avalon Motorsports, a German import automotive specialty shop, in 2007. In 2014, Avalon Motorsports acquired a general repair shop and rebranded the business as Urban Autocare.

In 2020 Brian was honored as the AAPEX National Independent Shop Owner of the Year.

Brian is now a multi-location shop owner, a founding board member of the Transformers Institute and a sought-after speaker on business and entrepreneurship. 


Sponsorship Packages

There is only room for 30 sponsors at the Summit - don't miss out!

There will be more than 200 shop owners/decision makers in attendance, most who are part of the Transformers Institute Family, representing more than $400M in annual revenue and many are in the top 5% of the industry. Sponsors have the opportunity to network, display  products and services, and build relationships with industry leaders who are forward thinkers and are committed to transforming the auto repair industry!

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