Transformers Institute brings proven strategies to transform your business with specialties in business psychology, culture, and leadership, coupled with tactical best practices.

Quality Assurance Program

Have you ever wished you had a scan tool to see how your sales and customer service engine is running? For example, do you wish you could see if you're running on all cylinders? Is the Turbo kicking in, or are you running lean and experiencing frequent misfires?

Using the Transformers Institute's Inbound Call Quality Assurance Program will be like hooking up the best scan tool to your phone and knowing exactly how your team is performing and what corrections are needed for optimum performance.

We all know training phone skills is paramount to the success of any auto shop, but human nature is to fall back into old patterns, which usually leads to less than stellar phone-to-appointment conversion rates.  We know you don't have time to listen to every call; you have a business to run!

Let the certified Transformers Institute QA analysts do the heavy lifting and provide you with the information you need to train and correct your team. Our in-depth analytical tools, custom summary, and coaching will help you and your team be the best of the best, and you will see your appointment schedule full, your techs happy, and your bank account grow. 


Mergers and Acquisition Advisory Programs

It's no secret that consolidation is coming to the automotive repair industry. We've seen it in the body shop industry, the funeral home industry, the restaurant industry, the toy industry and many others. Now is the time to be ahead of the curve and know what's coming, not wait to see what happens. Not one ice box manufacturer that didn't change their business model and start manufacturing refrigerators is still around to tell the tale.

Considering the fact that a recent study showed that 56% of mom-and-pop auto shop owners planned on being out of the industry by 2020, there is a world of opportunity for people that are looking to expand their businesses. On the flip side, there's also an opportunity if you are one of the 56% that are looking to get out. The question becomes, what are you doing to prepare your business to be acquired instead of just locking the doors, selling off your equipment, laying off your staff, and hoping that your customers are going to find a good place to go to?

The team at Transformers Institute is here to help you whether you're looking to sell your shop and get out in the next few years or looking to expand and grow your enterprise through acquisition. Our industry is prime for disruption with companies like Pep Boys aggressively buying out chain shops and with the advent of Amazon not only getting into the parts business, but also looking to get into the automotive repair business.

Take heart, there is still a very large segment of the population that does NOT want to have to go to a “chain store” but rather like the idea of going to a more personal style automotive repair shop because they already have relationships built. We can help with your marketing and your branding in regard to acquiring a business and advise you regarding whether it makes sense to maintain its identity or to fold it in under your brand.

There are no cookie-cutter answers when it comes to these decisions because every market is different, every business is different, and every situation is different. We know that this can be very scary territory and we don't recommend going it alone. Whether you are looking to retire and get out of the business or you are looking to expand your business, we recommend you call Transformers Institute and see if we are a good fit to help you make your dreams come true. 

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Mastermind Groups


Coaching & Consulting

  • Grow support
  • Sales
  • OPs
  • Leadership
  • Personal development

The Transformers Institute team takes on select clients for individual training, coaching, and consulting projects. Please schedule a complimentary 45-minute consultation for more details.


SWOT Analysis

The Transformers Institute team takes on a limited amount of clients to perform an on-site deep SWOT analysis: Two TI team members spend 1.5 days on-site with your team.  We perform a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis on the seven major areas of your business:

Mission/Vision/Culture/Values, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, Finance/Accounting, and IT/Technology.  

The shop owner then takes the feedback and data from this report to create their “As-is/To-be” strategic business plan, a must for growing a business successfully.

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