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36 classes over the next 12 months. Thursdays nights, 3x a month, AFTER work.

2-hour live virtual interactive class with other shop owners like you!



Starting June 30th 8 Pm Est/5 Pm Pst


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85% of Auto Shop Owners Say They’re Stuck Working IN Their Business and Not ON Their Business. 

You’re not alone. We’ve helped hundreds of auto repair shops grow to 250+ million in annual revenue. We know what you are experiencing, and the solutions you need.


It's Your Revolution - Here Is How It Starts

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How To Grow Right Now

We teach the best sales and marketing techniques that are proven to increase car count and drive revenue. You'll learn how to attract, hire, train and keep the best talent. Stay ahead of the competition. We'll overcome the most common challenges that hold back single shops, from becoming multi-store chains.

Becoming An Owner

Learn how to structure your business processes to REALLY elevate your shop’s efficiency. You'll learn to track and understand KPIs and get a better look at your financial statements - so you know you’re moving in the right direction. You'll learn to become accountable to your winning-team, all while getting more of your time back.

Keeping The Bays Full

 We've coached hundreds of shops through maximizing their sales. From the marketing to customer retention, we'll show you how the best shops do it, and why it works. You will increase the number of appointments, increase ARO, and repeat business.

What will be covered in Repair Shop Revolution?
  • How to read and use your P&L to Make more Money
  • Learn how to MANAGE without an Iron First.
  • Know how to track your MARKETING, and what you can do about it.
  • How to Hire, Onboard, Train, Manage, and Fire employees.
  • Tools to track and manage your team
  • How to grow and scale
  • Technology update: Tools to make your life easier
  • Learn the knowledge you need to run your business 
  • ...And Much, Much, More! 
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Maximize Your Marketing

We'll do a deep dive into your budget, including how much you should spend, when, and why. You'll never have to hire a marketing company who doesn't understand your business. You will keep your bays full and get reliable returns on what you're spending. 

The Right Tools For The Job

Get the Daily Tracker and take control of your numbers immediately - The best sales and marketing techniques that are proven to increase car count and drive revenue. Each of our meetings will be focused on the problems you have, and the solutions that are proven to work. Find your way to the top.

Becoming a Fearless Leader

By defining your vision and measuring progress on your goals, you'll create a productive, efficient, and smooth-running shop. You'll learn the "Big Picture" and connect your finances, sales, marketing, and time management, so you can have a winning-team.

It's Time Meet Your Instructor

Nick Peyton has had a long career in the auto repair industry and has excelled at turning a 2 million dollar shop into a 4 million dollar shop. Peyton started in the industry when he was 16 and accelerated through his high school auto shop program.

He became an ASE master when he was just 19 and then moved into management. He found his passion in fixing and growing shops to their full potential and teaching shop owners and their staff how to do the same. Peyton was previously the operations director of a ten-store operation where they won Motor Age top shop. He has spent the last four years doing on-site shop consultations with incredible success. He has learned to see things that most owners ignore or don’t see. After which, he can use his experience to offer industry-tested solutions.

He has taught owners about leadership, sales, management, staffing and hiring, and marketing. Peyton not only has a passion for the auto service industry but a passion for leading people to levels they never thought were possible.

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Your Turn To Make A Move

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