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Platinum Mastermind Group #1


5/28-5/29- Individual Calls

June 2 - Zoom Mtg: 9am (MST)

June 16 - Zoom Mtg: 9am (MST)

June 30 - Zoom Mtg: 9am (MST)

August 3 - 4 in Colorado 

October 5 – 6 in Colorado

November 18 - Zoom Mtg: 11:00 am-12:30 pm (MST)


Gold Mastermind Group #1


WED 5/27 at 9am (MST)

June 10  -Zoom Mtg: 9am (MST)

June 24 - Zoom Mtg: 9am (MST)

July 13 - 14 in Colorado

August 19 - Zoom Mtg: 9am (MST)

October 14 - Zoom Mtg: 9am (MST)

November 18 - Zoom Mtg: 9am (MST)

December 7 – 8 in Colorado


Key Leader Mastermind Group #1

June 19 – 20 in Colorado

September 11 – 12 in Colorado

December 11 – 12 in Colorado


Platinum Mastermind Group #2


5/21 & 5/22 - Individual Calls

June 2 - Zoom Mtg: 1pm (MST)

June 16 - Zoom Mtg: 1pm (MST)

June 30 - Zoom Mtg: 1pm (MST)

July 27 – 28 in Colorado

September 16 - Zoom Mtg: 11:00 am-12:30 pm (MST)

October 26 – 27 in Colorado

December 16 - Zoom Mtg: 11:00 am-12:30 pm (MST)


Gold Mastermind Group #2


WED 5/27 at 11am (MST)

June 10 - Zoom Mtg: 11am (MST)

June 24 - Zoom Mtg: 11am (MST)

July 20 in Colorado

September 16 - Zoom Mtg: 9am (MST)

October 14 - Zoom Mtg: 11am (MST)

November 16 – 17 in Colorado

December 16 - Zoom Mtg: 9am (MST)



Key Leader Mastermind Group #2

June 26 – 27 in Colorado

September 18 – 19 in Colorado

December 18 – 19 in Colorado


Advanced Service Advisor Sales Class

With Jason Servidio

We have temporarily transitioned to an online class format until we can have in person classes again.

Click The Button to Learn More.



Shop Owners Academy

With Greg Bunch


Emotional Intelligence: The Pathway to Great Leadership

With Dan Taylor

September 16 – 17 in Colorado


Catch our team teaching at:


WTI Expo: June 10–14, 2020


"Dan's Emotional Intelligence class is huge game changer! It opens your eyes to look deeper into a person’s actions and what really motives them. It is beneficial for any position in your company. As a leader, this class will elevate your knowledge on methods to help your team succeed in ways you thought weren’t possible. Take the time to help yourself and your team by investing in this outstanding class!"

Dwayne Meyers
Dynamic Automotive

"Your course on Emotional Intelligence was great. It gets leaders thinking of where your drive is and how to find out what help drives your team members and what has maybe caused them to lose their passion in the past. We all were challenged to stop and conduct some soul searching and were able to help and push our team members for their personal goals and organizations goals. We know this industry is a fast-paced and can be high emotion had we service our customers. But, spending the time to dig deeper than the surface issues we face we have been able to boost our team’s morale and production. Dan and his team have mastered some technics when it comes to showing your team leaders or upper management the best ways to process and develop ways to help your business and genuinely keep momentum high.”"

Philip Christensen
BG Auto


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Monument, Colorado 80132

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