When your business needs a marketing boost, look no further than Transformers Direct Marketing. Whether building a new brand from scratch or ramping up your current marketing and sales efforts, we have the experience, the drive and the skill to deliver strategies that succeed. 


Products are made in a factory.

Brands are created with a good strategy,

commitment, creativity, and -


Cultivate Awareness, Develop Trust, Drive Loyalty

When your business needs a marketing boost, look no further than Transformers Direct Marketing. Whether building a new brand from scratch or ramping up your current marketing and sales efforts, we have the experience, the drive and the skill to deliver strategies that succeed.  As a fully integrated creative marketing team, Transformers Direct Marketing is built on the single premise of creating pace-setting work that moves your company directly into the fast lane. 

We compete at the intersection of high technology and field-tested marketing know-how—where your business needs are identified, and practical solutions are created. Through clever design, mailings and marketing, we’ll leverage our results-driven team of marketing and advertising pros to separate you from the rest of the pack.

Direct Marketing


Trouble Blending Creativity and Strategy? 

Get ready to love your brand designs we develop for you! Merging marketing strategy with creativity, we execute effective marketing design that is on-message and, well, stunning. You can design all the pretty advertising you want, but if it doesn’t have a focus, it’s money wasted, in our opinion. Brand messages are all too often lost in advertising that is bland, amateur, and simply put, boring. Our award-winning creative and marketing team has one focus: to marry business strategy with creativity to develop effective communication pieces that will bring more traffic to your business.

Why We Lap the Competition—We’re More Than Direct Mail

Passion! The Transformers Direct Marketing team has a genuine passion to put your business in the winner’s circle. We live and breathe marketing communications. We are dedicated, tireless and enjoy living slightly on the edge—and it shows in our work. We know your industry and market inside and out. We know how to reach your core customer demographic since, chances are, we’re already part of it! 

From trade show materials—booth displays, catalogs and more—to in-store merchandising, presentation aids, T-shirt designs, and print media, our team consistently produces original creative work that is as impressive as it is professional. 

Despite the advent of the internet and all things digital, direct mail marketing is still alive and well in the 21st century, and as powerful as it’s ever been. Why? Because direct mail has the ability to get your message into the hands of your current or potential customers like no other communication vehicle.


Contact Rick A. Mills at 719-247-3393 or [email protected] We can get prices and mailing list data to you right away!

5 Reasons why Direct Mail Marketing is still the most effective way to prospect for new clients

1. Targeted

Our targeted direct mail works because we are able to clearly define your potential clients and craft messages that hit the bull's-eye every time.

2. Cost Effective

By refining your mailing list to only those in your ideal demographic, we not only cut costs, but we save valuable time. This is the difference between the “shotgun blast” approach and on-point marketing through direct mail.

3. Varied Options and Personalization

Each direct mail piece we create for you will be customized for your business—everything from tri-fold self-mailers to newsletters. In addition, the content of your mailer will be researched, relevant and updated, tailored specifically to your potential customers.

4. Audience Maximized

Many potential customers receive emails that go directly to their “junk” folder—but virtually everyone receives mail in their mailbox. Research shows that people will actually spend more time reading a hard copy letter than an email.

5. Attention Grabbing

Emails can also have a drawback of even greater competition for the recipient’s attention. But when an eye-catching mailer pops out of the mailbox, guess which piece gets noticed first among the collection of bills and other material? You’ve just crossed the finish line first with a Transformers Direct Marketing design.

Cars Run on Fuel, but the Car Business Runs on Ideas


For more than two decades, the members of our team have been developing exciting marketing concepts and creating memorable images for some of the country's leading profit and nonprofit companies. Combining industry expertise and high-octane ideas, we can deliver the impressions you need to tell your story and engage your audience.

We have worked with leading automotive and non-automotive brands. You’re likely familiar with some and will soon be acquainted with others. We know what they want, how they think, and what it takes to move customers to their businesses. We have assisted many businesses in developing long-lasting brands and marketing communications that clearly bring results!

Transformers Direct Marketing offers full-service, turbo-charged direct mail and marketing solutions to help clients reach more customers more quickly, and more affordably. Let us help get you into the fast lane—contact us for a free market analysis today!

"Rick and his Transformers Direct Marketing team have done a great job with my direct mail marketing, their outstanding graphics design stands out and is radically different than the "status quo" and the campaigns are always creative and out of the box! My marketing dollars are precious to me, and when I work with these guys, I really feel like I'm getting the best value possible, the results show it!"

Patrick McHugh
Bimmer Rescue

"I was using another direct mail service prior to Transformers Direct Marketing and it seemed to get ‘stale’ and stopped working. After switching to Transformers and working with their team, things are far from stale! They have creative designs and a unique way of personalizing the piece to each household. Direct Mail clients are now one of our highest ‘new customer’ ARO’s second only to referrals. Without a doubt, the switch to Transformers Direct Marketing. It’s worth every penny!"

Alan Symmes
Revolution Automotive Services

"The creativity, communication, and designs produced by Rick Mills at Transformers Direct Marketing are always a FIVE OUT OF FIVE-STAR EXPERIENCE! Can’t recommend his services enough, a true pro!"

Jarret Hann
Founder at Transportation Matters

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