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COO Mastermind Benefits:

COO Memberships are for Chief Operating Officers of successful automotive repair businesses. You define the daily operations of the shop and keep it running smoothly. You provide the crucial structure that the company runs on everyday, and your decision impact the companies future.

In this group, you will find other COOs dedicated to excellence, and improving the Auto Repair industry. The Mastermind Group will let you collaborate on problems, share experience, and find new advantages in every meeting. Our members thrive with the lessons found in every group.

You can expect the following:

  • Maximum group size of 18. Everyone will be at the COO level, and focused on maximizing company performance, growing their company, team, and number of clients.
    • We meet in person 4 times a year, (every quarter) in Colorado Springs, CO. This way we get to know everyone on a personal level, and can completely focus on the tasks at hand - improvement and growth.
      • Meetings are 2 full days at the Transformers HQ, or a suitable hotel venue. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks are provided the first day and breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided the second day. Full day participation is required on both days. Additional attendees are $250 per meeting.
  • We also meet via video conference every month between meetings (8 times per year) so we can keep momentum and rapid communication.
  • Member can attend our 4-day Advance Service Advisor class. Every owner knows that sales training is crucial for standing out from the competition, and winning new customers. Our training is designed to give you a standard process that proves excellence, and is completely reliable (held 6 times per year). 
  • Member can attend our 2-day Emotional Intelligence: The Pathway to Great Leadership class (space is limited). Leadership isn't just about technical knowledge, it's about understanding people, and understanding yourself. This course can make the difference between a team that grows together, or falls apart.
  • Access to private “members only” SLACK channel to communicate with other members on the fly.

Optional programs and resources

  • Unlimited access to send managers/service advisors to live 4-day Advance Service Advisor class (held 6 times per year) for a discounted price of $1,497.
  • Access to Advanced Service Advisor Video Coaching 12-month program for discounted price of $547.00 per month (after attendance of live class).
  • Employee attendance to 2-day Emotional Intelligence workshop for a discounted price of $1,197 (held 4 times per year, space is limited).
  • Enrollment of Manager in Key Leader program for the discounted price of $447 per month.
  • Onsite 2-day SWOT analysis with written report- Discounted price of $6,500 (plus travel expenses).
  • Onsite 2-day Advance Service Advisor Sales training on location for a discounted price of $6,500 (travel expenses not included).
  • Access to entire Transformers Institute video training library for discounted price.

Pricing Structure

Attend first meeting-

  • $797 Monthly

If the group decides applicant is a good fit and applicant wants to stay the in group, the above amount is charged monthly for the remaining 11 months, or beyond if continued membership is desired. A 12-month commitment must be made to access all benefits listed above.




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