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The Virtual Mastermind is a powerhouse of information. Increase the time you have to improve the business, maximize sales, open new locations, and train your staff. Team up with other shop owners to share information, and dominate the competition.


The Webinar Starts December 7th at 11AM Mountain Time.

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Let's Talk About Expectations


This group is not for tire kickers, egomaniacs, looky-loos, or people who are not committed to their success and willing to do what it takes to achieve their dreams.

We have fun, but at the end of the day, this is a business group, and you have to be wiling to give as much as you take away. If you are not yet a shop owner, this group is not for you. You need to be at least 20% owner in an active auto service and repair business.

There isn’t a challenge that can’t be solved in this group, but it requires transparency and setting pride and ego aside for the group to work.  If you are ready to have more success than you ever dreamed possible, then it’s time for you to join us!

Our next meeting is coming up soon and the sooner you jump in, the faster your success will be realized.

Here Is What We Expect From You:

Meeting Structure

  • The group meets twice a month, for 2 1/2 hours.  Each member will have a 20-minute time slot approximately every eight weeks

  • During each session we will discuss the challenge or opportunity facing the shop owner. We will uncover why it’s important and what obstacles are in the way. We will discuss goals, time frames, steps already taken, and what further actions will need to happen.

  • Attendance at both monthly meetings is expected.  We use ZOOM, so you will need a webcam and headset, along with a place you can be on the meeting in private, without interruption.


  • You will not only gain valuable insight into your issue, you will glean incredible wisdom, knowledge, and ideas from the other members’ topics too.  This is the magic of the collaborative brainstorming model.

  • t’s like a “Super Brain” is brought into the meeting. Problems are solved, mindsets are challenged, and breakthroughs are commonplace. We also weave in relevant training from guest speakers and the Transformers team.
  • A private SLACK channel is provided for members to communicate, collaborate, and share pertinent resources outside of the meeting.

Building The CASTLE

  • Clarity: having a clear vision, with a plan to execute it, and the resources to make it happen.

  • Accountability: Choosing a team who can keep you focused on the challenges on the way to the top.

  • Support: building the resources and knowledge to turn failures into progress, and desperation into inspiration.

  • Trust: establishing your reputation, growing your loyal customer base.

  • Leverage: the right advantages to grow when opportunity comes.

  • Engagement: creating connections so that you can be seen for exactly what you are - a leader.


Bringing The Best Minds Together, All Across The Country

Anywhere, anytime, because business doesn't sleep. This Mastermind is at your fingertips, so we can solve problems, and give you the best possible tools to advance your business.

Focused on success on all fronts, our Mastermind members are wildly successful, and outclass their competition.

Have you wondered where all the other incredibly driven people in the industry are? 

Right here.


The Transformers Institute brings proven strategies to transform your business. With specialties in business psychology, culture, and leadership coupled with tactical best practice methodologies to make your company an industry leader. See how our coaches can share their mastery, and speed your success. Let's Transform the industry together.


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Greg has worked as technician, service advisor, manager, business owner, speaker, and consultant. He is on the Ratchet & Wrench Editorial Advisory Board and is a founding board member of AIST. Greg owns Aspen Auto Clinic, an award winning 5-location automotive service business, and also Transformers Institute whose goal is to "Transform the auto industry."



Frank Scandura has over 40 years of automotive experience and over 25 years of experience as a service center entrepreneur. He is most known for his expertise in European vehicles and is the author of the book,

“How To Take Care Of Your Vehicle So It Will Take Care Of You”.


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